1.)  Do we take purchase order numbers from schools?

-Yes.  You can either email purchase order to chrisb@boxmaninc.com or fax to 651-642-0027.

2.)  Do we accept credit cards?

– Yes.  We accept Master Card, Visa, Discover, and American Express

3.) How do I add “school name to order”?

-Please use the “Address cont.(optional)” box to add the schools’ name.

4.)  How do we get Tax Exemption Status?

-Email your tax exemption form to chrisb@boxmaninc.com.  Please note the website will calculate MN State tax, if you are ordering in Minnesota.  You can remove the tax, if tax exempt, and we have your tax exemption form on file, from the total amount on your purchase order form.

5.) How can I see the shipping cost for planning (or getting ready to order)?

-Go to our website (www.boxmaninc.com) enter your order, then click on “Checkout”.  Then enter your address information, click on “Continue to Payment”.  On the right hand side you should see the shipping cost, and tax information.  If you are planning on using the “Purchase order” payment method and want to process your order(at that time), click on the “Purchase order button” , and then click on “Complete Your Order”.   Your order will be sent to me (Chris Backes).  I will follow-up with you, via email, if we need to remove the tax because of tax exemption status.

If you are not ready to order, at this time, please just close the browser.  No order will be sent to me.  Once you are ready to order please go to our website again (www.boxmaninc.com) and place your order.

Please let me know (chrisb@boxmaninc.com) if there are other questions/answers I can list here to help with the ordering process.